About me.


My passion for making glass art started after I retired as virologist from a senior position in a global vaccine company and suddenly had ‘a sea of time’ to explore new horizons. The choice for glass art was made almost by default. When I stumbled across an introductory course in glass making, I thought I’d give it a try. And I was hooked right away. Glass is a wonderful medium—fluid and solid, flexible and fixed. In its molten state it’s a dancing, dangerous, almost sensual thing. It’s possible to direct this dance towards the fixed form, if you are skilled and experienced enough. For a beginner like me, there’s so much to learn. That’s part of the fascination.

For making my objects – with the assistance of master glass blower and artist Gert Bullée – I draw inspiration from the things that interests and excites me: nature, science, travel, humanity.

But my passion for glass is as much about exploring new technical skills as new ideas. In my recent artworks I use metals like brass, copper and metal mesh and all kind of metal oxides in the hope to create fascinating structures and color patterns. I hope that by showing other people my artworks, I might inspire them to think, or create, or contact me for a chat. It’s an invitation for dialogue.




Workshop glass blowing
Henk Verwij
Februari 2012
Glasblazerij Leerdam


Summer workshop glass sandcasting
13 aug -18 aug, 2012
Effie Halkidis, Van Tetterode Glass Studio


Course glass kiln casting
15 nov-18 nov, 2012
Effie Halkidis, Van Tetterode Glass Studio


Workshop glass blowing
December 2012
Mia Lerssi & Katrin Maurer, Van Tetterode Glass Studio


Glass fusion and casting
Sascha Hacska
Herenweg 1A, De Bilt